Project Team

  • Class of 2019

    Maddie traveled to Savoonga and Shaktoolik in January 2019 to interview young adults on their use of Siberian Yupik.  The language is being used less and while young adults say they would like to u

  • Class of 2018

    Jesse worked on the storm surge project.  He spent part of the summer of 2017 traveling to remote beaches near Shaktoolik and Savoonga sampling driftwood.  Cross-sections samples were taken to be e

  • Class of 2017
    I will be researching grass lay on Saint Lawrence Island to better understand the changing winds patterns affecting the island...
  • Class of 2017
    I traveled to Alaska to meet with village elders and learn more about the meaning of the names and if they relate to storm events. 
  • Class of 2016
    I traveled to Shaktoolik to film the village’s efforts to guard the village from storms. It was an entirely new experience for me...
  • Class of 2015
    Working on AKSIK opened my eyes to the effects of climate change on small communities that lead a subsistence lifestyle.
  • Class of 2014
    I Researched the relocation efforts of indigenous Alaskan communities and US government hindrances and policies.
  • Class of 2014
    In my senior year I participated in a research seminar on climate change adaptation and produced a documentary film....
  • Class of 2012
    I worked on Silageetuk - a short advocacy film on Shaktoolik and the perils of storm surges from climate change....
  • Class of 2012
    I was part of the first group to go up to Shaktoolik and Savoonga where we conducted interviews in both communities...
  • Class of 2012
    I traveled to Shaktoolik and Savoonga to survey members about the impacts climate change has had on their subsistence lifestyle...

  • Associate Professor
    Environmental Studies
    St. Lawrence University